Session-O-Graphy : 1955-1964
October 2015 : From Tony Watson

A small error in the title of a Johnny Burnette song recorded for Chancellor on June 25, 1962.
You list “I Wanna Thank YOU Folks”  (Chancellor 1116).
The correct title is “I Wanna Thank YOUR Folks”   (see label scan below):

October 2013 : From Ashley Wood

my name's Ash and I've been doing a bunch of research on uk radio and tv shows. I think I can give you the following regarding Johnny's appearances in the uk in 1962.

22 april Easy Beat (BBC radio "light programme" now known as radio one) this would probably have been a session of 3 to 5 songs. Easy Beat was usually recorded in front of a live audience so featured screams ! You can hear some Beatles easy beat sessions on you
tube to get the idea.

28 april Juke Box Jury (BBC TV) -
Johnny was brought in to replace US Bonds. This programme featured 4 celebrities listening to new records and voting them a hit or miss. Johnny was on the panel so almost certainly did not perform as this was not usual. Not impossible that he did but unlikely.

Earlier the same day (28 april)  Johnny was featured on the BBC light radio programme Saturday Club. This was Britain's top rated radio show at this time.
Every significant artist from 1958 to 1968 was featured at one time or another on this show except Elvis and Buddy Holly. Again it is likely Johnny performed between 3 and 5 numbers possibly even 6 or 7.

You also mention Thank Your Lucky Stars. This show was mimed and performers usually played their current single and possibly one other song (a previous hit or the b-side of the current single). Somewhere I have a note of when these shows were generally recorded for instance Thank Your Lucky Stars was generally recorded the previous sunday. However visiting artists (American/european) would often tape an insert as their schedule permitted.

If I ever find more info I'll let you know.
Unfortunately virtually nothing from this period was kept by the BBC or other TV companies. It's possible a fan may have recorded something at home. I'm fairly "in the know" with these things but have not heard of Johnny's performances surviving in any way. Again, if anything turns up I'll let you know. It's not impossible something is out there...I've made many surprising discoveries over the last couple of years.
Great website by the way. The Rock 'n' Roll Trio are wild !

Best wishes from Bristol, England

Ashley Wood

September 2013 : From Rog Peyton

I’m attaching my updated Dorsey Burnette discography which has some matrix numbers added. There are still some errors on your site such as “Rolling Restless Stone”/”Back to Nature” which is 1962 not 1966 and you still have “The Ballad of Frank Woods” as a 1967 single although you have it as 1977 as well - 1977 is correct. “Tennessee Hot Man” – the B side of “The Ballad of Frank Woods” is NOT by Dorsey – it’s by someone else from the movie (I forget who). In addition, “One Mornin’” from the Unreleased Masters is not unreleased – it’s the same recording that appeared on the COUNTRY SOUND, CITY SOUND Point LP from 1963.
Best wishes
Rog Peyton

May 2013 : From Bernward Hink


April 1974 - Host: Sam Riddle


Program 1
In the Spring
Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast
Hey Little One
I Let Another Good One Get Away

Program 2
True Love Means Forgiving
Tall Oak Tree
Keep Out Of My Dreams
Lonely To Be Alone

Program 3
The Bootleggers
Ridin' On The Wings Of The Wind
Sweet Lovin' Woman
Darlin' Don't Come Back

Program 4
Jukebox, Sing A Lullaby
The Same Old You, The Same Old Me
Cry Mama
Big Rock Candy Mountain



October 2010 : From Jay

I am holding a 10 inch record disc that appears to be a demo.
International Sound Inc.
5539 Sunset blvd, Hollywood 28,Calif
Telephone HOllywood 9-5161
Client Dorsey Burnette
Date 3/30/64
Side 1 ; Mr Bluebird, Tomorrow Night, Secrets, Heartbreak Avenue.
Side 2 : Two Feet In Front Of Me, Someone's Hurtin', Leave Me Helpless.

We hope to have more informations...


October 2010 : From Josep Rulló :

Here´s a couple of small additions to the March 22, 1957 session,  both related to the Solid Smoke album (SS-8001) from 1978:

**”Butterfingers” is featured in that album with a brief false start. I wouldn´t bet my life on it, but I would say I haven´t heard this anywhere else.

**”If You Want It Enough” is included in that album too.

Also a brief studio chat on "Oh Babe, Babe"...




CD + DVD package!
8 page booklet with interesting notes from Dave Penny

CD tracklisting:
Tear It Up / You're Undecided / Oh Baby Babe / Midnight Train / Shattered Dreams / The Train Kept A-Rollin' / Honey Hush / Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track) / I Just Found Out / Blues Stay Away From Me / All By Myself / Drinking Wine Spoo-Dee-O-Dee / Chains Of Love / Lonesome Tears In My Eyes / Please Don't Leave Me / Rock Therapy / Rock Billy Boogie / Please Don't Leave Me (Alt) / I Love You So / Sweet Love On My Mind / My Love, You Are A Stranger / Your Baby Blue Eyes / Lonesome Train (Alt) / I Love You So (Alt) / Tear It Up (Live) / Oh Baby Babe (Live) / Hound Dog (Live TV Clip) / You're Undecided (Von Version) / Go Along Mule

One of a handful of "holy grail" moments in rock 'n' roll history, Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'n' Roll Trio's triumphant appearance at Madison Square Garden for the final of Ted Mack's Amateur Hour has not been seen since it was aired in September 1956. For the very first time in over fifty years, El Toro Records brings you this iconic performance along with the rest of the show in sparkling DVD quality, to let rockabilly fans see Johnny, Dorsey and Paul "Tear It Up" again...and again.

El Toro Records
P.O. Box 220
Pineda 08397
Tel & Fax +34 937 660 117



Johnny Burnette & The Rock'n'Roll Trio

Did Paul Burlison or Grady Martin play guitar
for Johnny Burnette & The Rock'n'Roll Trio?
who "invented guitar distortion"?

Read this very good article by By Vince Gordon & Peter Dijkema here :


September 2006

I have in my hands a copy of the show from the 9th of September 1956 and these are the facts:
- There's a trio without drums.
- It's Dorsey Burnette on bass.
- Paul Burlison is the worse guitarist I have seen in many years! At least during that show.
- Johnny says they have recorded and album to be called The Johnny Burnette R&R Trio
- They play Hound Dog, a piano sounds at the background.

Carlos Diaz (El-Toro Records)


Unseen pic of Dorsey with fan

Collection Marc Alésina

Surf 5019 was first issued as by Dorsey Burnette (see scan of the label on JB Bear box, it's from my 45). When Coral found out, they were going to sue Surf and they had to take out the record from market (one box of records survived, other were destroyed, there was story of this in Goldmine). After this Johnny Faire's (aka Donnie Brooks, etc.) vocals were overdubbed on both sides and the single was reissued with the same catalog number. Cee-Jam 6 was issued in the mid-sixties and Cee-Jam 16 was issued by Ronny Weiser in the 70's.

You don't list Dorsey's demo of "Here Comes That Feeling Again" (recorded later by Brenda Lee). It was issued on The Very Best Of Dorsey Burnette (Chrysalis CMG-2) CD

Von single tracks were also issued on Country Hicks LP before Rockstar.(See Correction)

Alternate take of "Kiss Me" was originally issued on white label promo copy of Freedom 44001.

I thought that "Navy Man" was recorded in late 60's and not in 1961.

Tapio Vaisanen

Correction for this session.
Al Vescovo - Multikord Pedal Steel Guitar
Joe Osborn - Bass (see Vintage Guitar dot com)
Johnny and Dorsey - Acoustic Guitars

My brother is Al Vescovo and he sent me the demo records from this session in the summer of 1962.
Al went to high school with Johnny and Dorsey, moved to LA in 1961 via Denver, Co.
Al toured England with Johnny and went on to be and still is a successful studio musician in Los Angeles.

Al Vescovo today (Left : Photo Bill Llewellyn (2005)


Saturday February 3, 1962 - Los Angeles, California

*Under the name of THE SHAMROCKS

GREEN HILLS (Instrumental) (J & D Burnette-Joe Osborn) - 2:14 - LB 1418
Liberty 55460
Rockstar RSR CD 006
Bear Family BCD 16438-5/6
LONELY ISLAND (Instrumental) (J & D Burnette-Joe Osborn) - 2:11 - LB 1419
Liberty 55460
Rockstar RSR CD 006
Bear Family BCD 16438-5/7
ISLAND GIRL (Instrumental) ( ) - 2:08

Pete Vescovo (march 2006)